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St Catherine's School Playgroup

Welcome to Forest Friends - St Catherine’s Playgroup

When:    9am – 10.30am Mondays Week 2 - Week 9 during each school term.

Where:  Siena Hall and The Forest area at St Catherine’s School.

Our Playgroup is based on the SPICE program. (Supported Playgroups Igniting Children’s Engagement). We aim to provide families with a welcoming, inclusive Playgroup that allows both children and parents to become involved in the St Catherine’s School environment.

Our program is held both indoors and in ‘The Forest” allowing children to experience a range of activities. A theme will be incorporated into the session that will allow the children to explore something different each week.

Playgroup supports development in the areas of:

  • Whole body motor skills- climbing, jumping, balancing, carrying
  • Hand skills – feeling, banging, collecting
  • Fine motor skills – cutting, gluing, sticking, sorting
  • Communication/social skills – naming, negotiating, describing, telling stories
  • Play skills – exploring, pretending, engaging with the environment
  • Sensory skills – feeling, exploring, smelling, listening, looking
  • Problem solving skills – trialling and experimenting

Playgroup follows the following routine:

9:00 am         - Free play. Settle in inside

9:15 am          - Free play outside

9:55 am         - Wash hands and sit down

10:10 am        - Eat fruit

10:20 am       - Songs and Story

10:30 am       - Pack up /home time

Please pack some fruit for your child. We aim to be outside when the weather is suitable. Please wear appropriate clothes and bring gumboots and raincoats as it can sometimes be muddy and damp.

The fees are $20 per term per family.

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Forest Friends Playgroup Parent Registration Form

If you would like to attend our Playgroup, please complete the Playgroup Parent Registration Form.