School Board

The school is governed by a School Board, which generally meets twice per term.

Membership of the School Board consists of the Parish Priest, Principal, Parents (six representatives), Staff representative, P&F association representative and other co-opted members from time to time.

The board welcomes enquiries, suggestions, or any communication from our parents. Such enquiries are directed to the Chairperson or Principal. The School Board essentially hold a governing role deciding policy direction, managing financial affairs, and ensuring that the educational program meets the stipulated aims of the school.

Our Board representation for 2019: 

President: Fr Fred Farrugia 

Chair: David Hutton 

Vice: Russell Gwynne 

Treasurer: David Lolicato 

Secretary: Catherine Turbill 


                   Sophie Hage 

                   Claire Wilde 

                   Gill Holmes 

                   Jason Simes 

                   Miriam Whitford 

                   Michael Bates 


For further information on School Boards, visit the School Boards Website by Catholic Education South Australia