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One Uniform - Activewear

In 2022, St Catherine's transitioned to a one uniform - activewear with the same items worn across all year levels.

This update to the uniform means a more practical, comfortable, affordable, and higher quality range. The Activewear uniform is available to be worn by students in all grade levels, every day of the week (with the exception of Year 6 who can wear their Seniors polos and jackets).

The uniform items are no longer seasonally specific, and children can choose each day which items they wish to wear. The new school uniform is ‘active style' with interchangeable options for warm and cool weather such as shorts, skorts and everyday pants (tracksuit pants for R-2), polo shirts and jackets.

Uniform Booklet

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Where to Buy

Hills Schoolwear (next to Worklocker)
Mt Barker Homemaker Centre 
6 Dutton Street
Mt Barker SA 5251
Phone: 8323 6150

Opening Hours:
Monday—Friday 8.30am till 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am till Noon
Sunday Closed
Open 6 days a week, excluding Christmas / New Year Break

Our rugby jumper is made by SILVERFLEECE and is ordered at the beginning of each term online. The ordering period is announced via Skoolbag, and orders are made on the Silverfleece website. 

Some second hand uniform items are also available from the school.