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Sustainability is a Key School Value

St Catherine’s School students, families and staff are active agents of ecological sustainability. We are motivated by faith and a strong sense of connectedness to the natural world and our global family.

‘Sustainability’ is one of our school values and is embedded in all we do.

Sustainability informs our teaching, learning and decision making to help students to think and act in ways that lead to a more equitable and sustainable future.



The vast number of sustainability programs in which all students participate at St Catherine’s School include:

Waste Reduction

  • Reducing waste sent to landfill 
  • Active promotion of ‘nude food’
  • Tuckshop dedicated to healthy, minimally wrapped products
  • Waste free school events with zero landfill production


  • Composting of all food and green waste via class compost bins and feeding scraps to school chickens
  • Diligent recycling – paper/cardboard, metals, glass, foam, plastic, batteries, printer cartridges and use of e-waste recycling facilities

Sustainable Products

  • Sourcing of sustainable alternatives to everyday items such as natural surface cleaners and reusable cleaning cloths

Water Conservation

  • Water quality monitoring and improvement
  • Rainwater collection

Grow & Nurture

  • Fruit orchard
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Chickens
  • Wetlands
  • Aquaculture and aquaponics

Read more about our grow & nurture initiatives here