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Student Leadership

Students at St Catherine’s are confident and capable young people. We nurture this through a range of opportunities for student leadership throughout their time with us.

“…students create meaningful schema in their own minds through active engagement with the world” Edutech Website

“Giving students a voice and encouraging them to be partners in their own learning not only increases their agency and achievement, but it also creates positive long-term learning habits.” Sharing good practice: Gonski and encouraging student voice. Rebecca Vukovic.

Senior Leaders

Our year 6 students have the opportunity to be senior leaders, captains and sports team leaders, peer mediators and ambassadors for the school in a range of community activities.

Dominican Leadership Program

Our Year 6 students participate in a wide range of leadership tasks including: 
Visiting and assisting in Junior Primary classrooms
Planning for whole school Community Prayer
Responding to God’s call to help others through planning various projects to facilitate ministry and social justice endeavours throughout the school. 
Delving deeper into subjects of interest (study) and writing newsletter articles to share with and inform others in our community.