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One Uniform - Activewear


We are pleased to share the final designs for the new St Catherine’s School Uniform to be introduced in 2022, known as 'One Uniform - Activewear’.

The new activewear uniform is comfortable, high quality and invites all children to be active. Furthermore, with the removal of having summer and winter requirements, the new uniform will encourage child self choice, with each child being able to choose what they wish to wear, depending on the weather.

"We are delighted to be providing our children at St Catherine’s School, Stirling with the opportunity to have a uniform that enables more movement and comfort in their day. Our beautiful outdoor learning environment and natural surrounds in the Adelaide Hills invite students to engage with the environment and an activewear style uniform supports this engagement on a daily basis. In 2022, we celebrate our 75th anniversary, which is a perfect time to embrace this new direction.” said Principal, John Low

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