Catholic Education South Australia

Policies and Reports

School Performance Report

The following Report provides details of the 2019 academic year and is a requirement of all schools under the Schools Assistance Act 2008.

You will find enrolment, financial, strategic, staffing and contextual information relating to our school in this document.

School Performance Report

Strategic Overview

A process of Engagement and Development...

The St Catherine’s School Strategic Plan provides a road map for the community for the next three years. It is grounded in the learning and development that has happened since 2017 and is attentive to the needs of the school in the current context. It positions our school as a contemporary, vibrant learning community for the years to come.

During 2018 the school community engaged in a series of conversations and planning sessions exploring each of the nine domains in the Continuous Improvement Framework for Catholic Schools. Data was gathered from parent sessions, board meetings, staff professional engagement and leadership team meetings. From this data our areas for growth and strategic improvement were identified.

Strategic Plan

School Uniform Policy

Our school uniform is a source of pride for our school community. It identifies our students as being a part of St Catherine's School.

The uniform is available from Work Locker located at:

The Homemaker Centre,
2/6 Dutton Street
Mt Barker  SA 
Phone 8398 3983

The second hand uniform shop is behind the School Office and is open on the first Monday of the month from 8.30 am to 9.15 am.

Uniform Policy