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Instrumental Program

Instruments and Teachers

At St Catherine's we provide the opportunity for students to learn a solo instrument during the school day.

At St Catherine’s School, Stirling, we are proud of the Performing Arts program in our Curriculum.

Performing Arts encourages our children to expand their imagination and helps them develop their own, unique voice while developing cognitive skills. Each class is provided a weekly Performing Arts lesson as part of their curriculum.
Additional opportunities are provided to students, as listed below:

In Years 5 and 6 the students of St Catherine’s partake in a school musical on a bi-annual schedule. This provides our students with an opportunity to experience both on-stage performances as well as set design, stage manage-ment and technical production. In 2022 we will be performing Into the Woods. Recent performances have included Matilda (2020) and Beauty and the Beast (2018)

Year 5 and 6 students are invited to participate in the senior school choir.
As part of being in the choir we partake in the annual Catholic Schools Music Festival. In 2022 this will be held on 26-29 September at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

Our students can choose to take private tuition instrumental lessons at school. We have highly qualified, specialist teachers in piano, violin, guitar and voice. These lessons are held during the day in our music rooms. Children are allocated a lesson on a specific day on a rotational basis.

Please contact our Performing Arts Teacher, Kathryn Thomson, to enquire about instrumental lessons for your child:

Information regarding Instrumental Teachers for 2024