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St Catherine’s provides its students a variety of opportunities to participate in a range of sporting events and activities throughout the year...

We compete in the Hills District for SAPSASA Carnivals, where students are selected to represent the school from Years 4-6 in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. In addition, students from Year 6 have the opportunity to try out for selection in the Hills District teams for AFL Football, Softball, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer and Hockey. 

St Catherine’s also participates in SACPSSA Carnivals (Catholic Schools Carnivals) in a variety of events, including Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. SACPSSA also provided opportunities to participate in Handball, Netball and Touch Football carnivals throughout the year. 

In addition, St Catherine’s delivers our students with after school sporting opportunities to further develop their skills and passion for sport. We offer an all year round Hot Shots Tennis Program for students in Reception - Year 2. SACA coaching instructors provide a safe learning environment for a Junior Blast Cricket program which runs in Terms 1 and 4, for our Reception -Year 2 students to take part in. Net Set Go and the Heathfield Netball Club run a Term 3 program for students in Reception- Year 2. Super Soccer Skills is held in Term 4 for students in Reception - Year 2. All programs are hosted on our school premises for the convenience of our parents. 

Term 1

SAPSASA Athletics
SAPSASA Swimming
SACPSSA Swimming
Junior Blast Cricket
Hot Shots Tennis

Term 2

SAPSASA Cross Country
SACPSSA Athletics 
SACPSSA Netball 
Hot Shots Tennis

Term 3

SACPSSA Cross Country
Reginal Sport Carnival - Murray Bridge and Mount Barker (Soccer, Football, Netball)
SACPSSA Touch Football
Hot Shots Tennis
Net Set Go 

Term 4

SACPSSA Handball
Hot Shots Tennis Competition (Term 3 or Term 4) 
Junior Blast Cricket 
Hot Shots Tennis
Super Soccer Skills


Sports Day and Swimming Week

St Catherine’s host an annual Sports Day and Swimming Carnival. 

Our Sports Day format in Term 1, allows students to enjoy an inclusive day of activities, races and team spirit. Hosted at the Stirling Oval, various organisations including Life Be in it and Tri Skills become major contributors in assisting to run various activities for our students. Students receive ribbons, enjoy dancing along to the music and representing their house team with pride.

In addition, we conclude our sporting calendar with our Swimming Week Lessons and Carnival at Woodside Swimming Pool in Term 4. The school places great importance on this Water Safety Program, as it is an integral part of the Physical Education Program and an essential element of your child’s water safety development. 

The Swimming Program provides an efficient specialist service to assist students to develop a range of knowledge, skills and understanding of water confidence, water safety in, on and around the water, survival in the water, rescuing techniques and mobility in the water. 

Siena. Dominic. Catherine. Veritas.

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