Student Leadership

Student Agency/Voice/Leadership

Students at St Catherine’s are confident and capable young people. We nurture this through a range of opportunities for student leadership throughout their time with us.

“…students create meaningful schema in their own minds through active engagement with the world” Edutech Website

“Giving students a voice and encouraging them to be partners in their own learning not only increases their agency and achievement, but it also creates positive long-term learning habits.” Sharing good practice: Gonski and encouraging student voice. Rebecca Vukovic.

Senior Leaders

Our year 6 students have the opportunity to be senior leaders, captains and sports team leaders, peer mediators and ambassadors for the school in a range of community activities.

Online Leadership Program

“Leaders of Evolution” Education Hub program is aimed to engage, empower and develop the young leaders within our school community.  Students will explore the concept of leadership and how to be an effective leader, whilst also focusing on their own behaviours and establishing an awareness of self.

Providing leadership learning experience that will benefit them for years to come. Whilst all learning content is aligned with the Australian Curriculum in supporting this leadership and learning journey.


Kids Onto It.jpg

‘Kids Onto It’ – Social Justice and Charity student group

Motto: “Doing one small thing can lead to many big things.”

Our ‘Kids Onto It’ team meets weekly to organize fund and awareness raising activities in support of a variety of predominantly Catholic charities. 

‘Kids Onto It’ – Social Justice and Charity student group

Naturally Smart Coffee – Student Coffee Committee

Our students are part of a Regional initiative, partnering with St Francis De Sales College, Mt Barker and St Joseph’s Murray Bridge. We are working together on the promotion and sales of ethically sourced coffee whose packaging is 100% compostable. Tied to this is awareness raising of the negative impact of plastic packaging, particularly in relation to the oceans.